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How to not think.

For months we have been talking, reading, debating sharing, complaining, and guessing. It is easy in the fluid conversation to learn something new and change an opinion; to view through a new lens a topic that seemed decided and clear. Writing seems more permanent than conversation. What am I so sure of that there is no chance of a change of heart? In other words, what will never have an erratum?

I have long thought about the interdependence of nations from an economic perspective. And years ago, I saw a movie about a contagious disease. Little did I realize that global pandemic would be reality, not celluloid. So, after the all the conversation, suddenly I find myself without a thought partner. Recently retired – no emails to provide a distraction AND due to physical distancing - I am left alone to think and have been asked to write! This will never do! We need a jigsaw puzzle.

Jigsaw puzzles are great - unchanging. No need to debate a point. Either the piece fits or it does not. There is an order to puzzles – build the edges and fill it in. True, jigsaws are not for everyone, it does result in frustration at certain times yet the tenacious carry on to completion. It is not lost on me that the puzzle I selected is a map of Washington, DC. Who is making what decision in what location that will impact my life? And I am back to the thinking and guessing. Oops..I need a different puzzle.


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