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They take away a legacy without second thought
I watch astounded I say I am grateful
Colleagues disappear one after the other
My work quadruples like any other
Who stays behind, feeling grateful

The world collapses and even though
I thought it impossible to do even more
I extend the day sacrificing my sleep
And through this heap of absolute shit
I am staying grateful

They write strategies dipped in fairness for society
When in their own micro-society
Are as unfair as in dictatorship and treat us all
With disrespect I never thought possible
And through all that I stay grateful

The egomaniacal professor gets away with it all
The dean who destroys gets away with it all
The hardworking professor that is loved by all
Decides to drop the towel and off she goes
I see it all yet do not talk because I am grateful

Then comes the day when they will say
We have no use for you! you are too old
Too expensive even though your rate by
The hour is lower than low and they shall say
We know you were grateful and we are too
For speaking of no evil is evil too!




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