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Death and life in CID.

Shout! Scream! Blood. Bleeding. Panic! Help!
Why? Why him? Why me?
Contain. Review. Assess. Seize! Evidence!
Blue lights. Police. Ambulance.
Paramedics 'must come with me.'!

Who? where? when? what? why?
Most of all why? Please tell me why!
I can’t answer that. But I can find who, and what, and how.
But why?... I can’t answer that.

Anger. Shouting. Screaming. Fighting.
"No i will not come quietly".
Handcuffs. Cell. Jailer. Cup of tea?
Don’t close the door on me!
Beans on toast for tea.

It wasn’t me! But look at the CCTV!
That's you. And that's you! and that's you!
Look at the clothes you wore there!
They are in the evidence bags down here!

No comment. No comment. No comment.
"My client will not answer that question."
Knife! blood from him, Fingerprints from you.
No comment. No comment. No comment.
"It was you wat, did it, come true"

But why? I can’t answer why.
I can do who and what and where and how. But not why.
Downhill. Intensive care. Septic shock.
CPR. CPR. CPR. No more. No, more, CPR.

No longer grievous. No longer years.
Life gone. Tariff now life.
Fight for life, what's left? diminished responsibility.
Try homicide. Try manslaughter.
Not murder. I Didn't mean murder.

Jury hear. Jury see. Jury read.
Judge see. Judge hear. Judge read.
Twelve. Twelve to decide. Secret!
Swear to keep them safe.
3 days. 5 days. A week. No use, need to wait with no recourse.
Foreman has the verdict. Pindrop in the court.

Reports. Reports. Reports. Impact. Review.
Tearful fathers; tearful mothers
One life gone another in the balance.
Robes red. Guidelines read. Tariff set

25 years another life for a life.
Press on the steps. Cameras in the lobby.
Quotes on tv. Message read from the family.
Two boys lost. Two never the same. One knife two lives.

Back at home. Stiff drink for me.
What's on TV. Oh no, it’s me on ITV.
Daddy how was your day?
Not good. I will tell you when you’re older.
Darling you can tell me.
Not now sweetie. Leave me be.

No! Not again. Lights. Sirens. Why me?
Because I chose to see, hear and do.
Because I chose to walk a path less travelled,
A lonely road!
Yes me! let me walk with those who wear blue.
No other road for me, I walk it for all of you.

Allan Pinkerton

CID Police Officer

United Kingdom

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