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Same old same old

Got up at half past six
Swigged cup of tea and pushed down piece to toast with butter and marmalade
Ran down road for bus, just made it
Sat on bus soaking wet, it was raining, and I forgot my overcoat
Jumped off bus outside tube station
Ran in, slap . . .

Sales executive, call centre


I am an honest woman sometimes.
I tell my children and my friends
I LOVE presents. you may always
send me presents. Even if they are
teeny. Once, I got a bobby pin from
a friend I rarely see. Another time,
3 jelly beans in a tiny plastic bag.

Today . . .



They take away a legacy without second thought
I watch astounded I say I am grateful
Colleagues disappear one after the other
My work quadruples like any other
Who stays behind, feeling grateful

The world collapses and even though
I thought it impos . . .


Please come back to the office!

Please come back to the office! We have put in all sorts of measures, lots of sanitiser stands, thermometers, hourly cleaning of touch points, careful use of the lift, a one way system for walking round the office, restricted the use of the meeting . . .

Projects Director


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