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Your vision is too narrow (reading 2)

The problem, as I consider it, is not to do with me.
It really is to do with you, and the narrow world you see.

My world is big and visionary, with aspirations, hopes and dreams.
YOUR world, as I interpret it, is narrow so it seems.

You won't take risks, you play it safe, you’re SCARED of what could be.
I have a slightly different view, it’s beyond what you can see.

So watch this space, as I charge forward, with reckless optimism.
I’m sorry you’re now in my wake,  it's a shame, your narrow vision

A Different Coloured Cow


Makes me think that ...

Vision is all about perspective. In a literal sense not everyone’s vision is the same. Some are farsighted, some have better peripheral awareness and some see colours more vividly. In a corporate world the mantra of vision, mission and goals often defines the path an individual or organisation takes. A Different Coloured Cow eloquently verbalises the frustration felt when different breadths of visions clash, and proposes that a narrow perspective may hinder personal or corporate progress.


Andy Denham

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