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Working in a building site

Hammers banging, wheels in motion.
Buildings appearing, what a notion.
All around the office, still working.
The room is shaking, there’s no mistaking.
Calls and shouts, and heavy thudding.
Foundations laid with concrete pouring.
Cranes are swinging, constant motion.
Noise and confusion, unpeel intention.
Drums and drills, and distant hissing.
We hear the shouts but no word in here.
We seek the plans but hear no sound.
We don’t know the surface of the ground.
We talk about the seen and unseen.
‘How tall?’ ‘where?’ ‘how long?’ and ‘when?’
It’s curious, it’s fun and it’s fascinating.
It's the Big Build of 2019.



Makes me think that ...

Doing what you've always done while the physical spaces around you can bring a wide range of emotions. The noise and the dust invade your space. Wonder and ignorance invade your head. Curiosity and excitement ever present.


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