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Winter storms and weather tumult,

All of a sudden, have come to a halt,

No sound of man as the moment reveals,

The sound of nature, and just how she feels,


The glow of the sun warms my ruddy face,

I stop in my tracks and savour the taste,

The wind drops and a glimpse of Spring I see,

All the chaos and calm of existence, gifted for free,


The suffering has gone and my heart fills with the bounty,

Of the wonderful world always here around me,

If only I could record this moment to recall,

Divert from all the villainy, I will return to befall,


I take a seat on a mound and bask in the calm,

feel at the centre of time with peace in my palm,

The beauty of nature and my irrelevance to it,

Helps to peel back the layers of self bit by bit,


I see a person far in the distance,

the sense of awareness disappears in an instant,

I wonder if he will feel the same moment when he reaches here,

The wind picks up as the person draws near,


In a way I hope not, as this was special to me,

As I turn the clouds close, making the sky dark and gloomy,

I continue across the ponds, walking further on,

In the distance I hear the thud of a shot gun,


Ah, back to reality, to man and his sins,

Wishing this day could carry on as it begins,

Why are we so cruel, to do such a thing?

To kill for pleasure in a world, where we are all kin,


Nature is a woman for sure I can tell,

And it is her I think of, here, when I dwell,

To the female is such a more yielding place,

The male has a much more an ignoble face,


Man is such a destructive force,

Pushing feminine aside as we pursue our course,

Selfishness and male thinking have given us much,

But a woman's selflessness, is the most beautiful thing, we can ever touch.


James Tyler-Snow


Makes me think that ...

James Tyler-Snow's reflections on sexuality and gender provoke much thought and conversation.


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