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Who should be the boss

When God created the body,
All organs of the body argued over
Who should be the Boss.
Brain said he controls all parts of the body,
He should be the Boss.
Eyes said the body would be in the dark without them,
They should be the Boss.
Heart said he circulates blood,
He should be the Boss.
Stomach said he digests foods,
He should be the Boss.
Legs said they take the body wherever he wants to,
They should be the Boss.
And when Arsehole applied for the job,
All organs of the body laughed at him.
Arsehole got very angry and closed up.
After a few days,
Brain got rusty,
Eyes got foggy,
Heart got lazy,
Stomach got dirty,
And Legs got wobbly.
In the end, they unanimously accepted it
And Arsehole became the Boss.
This simple explanation proves that,
You don't have to be brainy to be a Boss,
But being an Arsehole is more than enough.


Makes me think that ...

Metaphors often create powerful images to help one make the point. This one is no different but sadly the anonymous author has seemingly had very bad experiences with their boss and maybe even bosses. 


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Image: Thomas C. Fedro, Chicago, IL USA, 2010

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