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Whispering solution

Down this long and windy road,

we’ve been before.

We’ve crossed this threshold a thousand times,

only to hit a rock


Seeking the solutions,

of a noisy tambourine,

they let us run in circles,

they made us run in circles.


In circles of despair.

In circles of thin air.

In circles of illusions,

they dreamed up their collusions.


We carry on regardless.

We are no victims of this noise.

We whisper in defiant voice.

We are the solution


We are the solution.

We are the solution.

Of our fears and seclusion,

We are the solution



Makes me think that ...

When organisations find themselves in difficult times those at the top may have a tendency to do and say things that suggest they are keeping more and more to themselves. It may be that they are or it may be that they are struggling and don’t want to say anything until they are sure. Either way, whispered rumours spread as water descends through rock. As they go a narrative grows that is first fed by the silence and then by the departure of colleagues – the sacrifice of the staff is seen as the solution.



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