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Time Warp

You are late and I’m feeling really let down!

It’s the concept of time inducing your frown.

I wanted it earlier and I’ve still not got it, you are late!
If you indulge my perspective you won’t have to wait.

Perspective be dammed it’s not here on time.
But think who owns time, is it yours or mine?

My customers and I want no other time streams.
Metaphysically speaking, this is not what it seems.

Stop this bulls**t the future’s laid out and I want it now.
So you’re linking time, space and objectivity, holy cow!

What the f++k are you on about, you’re late once again!
It's only in this slice of time that you are feeling the pain.

Look, it’s this simple, you are late and I need deliverables.
Think of Liebnitz and Newton and the other indiscernibles.

You are torturing my experiences of time and reality?
That’s a real shame, have you considered causality?

So, does that deliver on time and increase productivity.
No not really, but its all explained by Einstein’s relativity.

Now your views are becoming increasingly absurd.
Clocks anti-clockwise, is time forward or backward?

I am confused, I’m crying, please hand me that tissue.
Ride a light beam with me and time won't be an issue.

You mean everything’s simultaneous never late nor early?
Looking at it this way customers and you will be less surly.

Loot & Paul


Makes me think that ...

Next time your boss or a colleague tells you you're late, ask them to define time for you and not mention clocks or other measuring devices.

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