The professional couple

Makes me think that ...

A dark man with an immaculately tailored beard

Somehow covered in smears

From the brains coming out of his ears

A petite blonde 

Queen of style and all that

Hair done in a neat french plait


Jet setters across the globe 

New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, New York, Utah, Washington, Georgia, Massachusetts, 

Maybe even a fall to Idaho

Glimpses of a grand mosque through the tradesmen's door

A sumptuous dinner, grim company sales (office


Back home; equipped with Chloe Madeley's good cookbook 

Counting calories they set to wok 

To kill those evil caffeine-hungry microbes that threaten to put on the piles

As their competing steps count up the miles


Escaping the heat of England as the first snow arrives 

For the cool of Rio Di Janeiro

A commute so short can't be undone and

We'll be there for carnival 


Large brown eyes akin a certain bear's (and

Just like his mum)

We are alive 

1 x 1

Is this the life of a professional couple in the twenty first century?




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