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Thank you

It’s become something of a tradition that at the Christmas ‘do’
I write a little ‘ditty’ about the year that we’ve been through
So let me start by saying it’s been a busy year - I’m sure you’ll all agree
As we’ve dealt with increasing participants, more activities and changes in each facility.

We welcomed to the fulltime team, Arron, Jo, Stephen, Ashley and Phil
All of them ably interviewed by Mrs Page or Mr Hill
Staff changed as James emigrated and Jon left us for pastures new
And sadly Charlotte will soon be leaving and so will Ali too.

We’ve grown the Parklife brand with our participation team
Claire, Mike, Kirsty and Arron they really are so keen
To get more students active and involved in sport for fun
And that they do an amazing job is clear to everyone.

Our facilities are fantastic and something that should really make us proud
As the Do’s and the SRA’s make everything operationally sound
Mick, Faris, Rich, Charlotte, Jules, Tim , Andre and the rest of the crew
Of Ali, Harrison, Stacie, Ashley and Phil - can I thank you for all that you do.

When the facilities are manic and the queues are nearly out the door
Your professionalism and work ethic we can rely on for sure
You facilitate all of the sport and activities that we do
And are ably assisted by the growing Sport Brighton casual crew

Organising the BUCS weekly competition, it nearly takes all week
As facilities, officials, travel and transport Jo ably manages to tweak
We send our students off to represent us on the field of play
Because it enhances their student experience, at the end of the day.

Our facility usage and contract bookings, well they continue to expand
And are smoothly administered with Max’s able hand
But now he’s decided to retire to follow his next path and dream
And so we wish him all the best from the whole Sport Brighton team.

Stephen enters all the orders for everything that we buy
Even though the Efin finance system often makes him sigh
We been so very lucky with lots of dosh to spend
But unless we keep on income generating this soon will have to end!

Michelle and John your workload keeps increasing every year
As our aspiration to continually develop is something we hold dear
You oversee and manage a wide array of things
And deal so well with all the issues that being a manager brings.

As for me, well I’ve been busy drafting report after report
As I continually try to advocate the importance of University sport
I’ve attended loads of meetings and a few boring committees too
And written strategy and policy documents, outlining what we do.

Our role is so important as students realise just how great is University sport
For the fitness and the friendship and the competitions that are fought
For their chance to try new things, and make friends along the way
For the new skills and experiences they are developing every day.

And although we often face bureaucracy to get the simplest things complete
And against other University priorities we always must compete
Our success is really evident and allows us to grow at every chance
So that everyone will realise the value of student sport (and different forms of dance).

Everything is expanding our reputation, our offer and our team
And although we’re working harder I don’t want it to seem
That your input isn’t recognised and valued or that efforts go unseen
As your work is really appreciated and this I truly mean.

So because I don’t often get a proper chance to say
Can I thank you for the effort that you put in every day
I’d like to raise my glass to the whole Sport Brighton crew
And thank you for the excellent job that all of you do!

Sarah Hogg


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