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Teachers make a difference

 A self-important CEO,

     While partying in town,

Bragged how he'd made his  business grow.

            But teachers, he put down.

He quoted: "Those who can, will do;

            And those who can't, just teach.

For them, a real success, I know

            Is quite beyond their reach."

Then, seeing teacher Bonnie there,

            He said: "What do YOU make?"

She paused a moment; then with care

            She faced that sneering snake.

"I make my kids work harder than

            They ever thought they could.

I make them wonder all they can,

            And question as they should."

"I make the classroom safe for all,

            And help them understand:

Work hard, and just stay on the ball;

            Success will then be grand!".

"But they must use the gifts they're giv'n,

            Yet follow, still, their hearts.

The best reward for how they've striv'n       

            Will need both hearts and smarts."

(He hadn't made HER quail and quake

            With his snide inference!)

"You want to know just what I make?

            I make a difference!”      

David K. Gilchrist

Makes me think that ...

A society has three fundamental ingredients. The education of its citizens is one of them. teacher do that. Teachers are at the heart of one of the key elements of what makes a society.


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"Classroom Scene" William Henry Johnson

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