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Speak Easy

If hush is a ghost, it will soon become phantom. 

If silence is a pool, then I wager, it’s a deep one. 

As frustrations mount, feel the pressure build.

Both silence and angst becoming distilled.

The last thing you consider is using your voice.

With friends and family, there’s always a choice.

Embrace vulnerability, and challenge depression. 

Tough at first, but through expression, redemption. 

Realise others can be too conflicted to listen.

Emotions overly raw, their life, to much frisson. 

But that’s just a hurdle, it must never be the end. 

Learn to trust words, just speak easy, my friend.



Makes me think that ...

Pressure, anxiety and stress are are often prominent in work. As in life the lines of conflict in work can run deep and long. Whether in life or in work it is always better to hear the sounds of voices rather the sounds of 'big guns', literal or metaphorical.


Andy Denham

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Image: The Speakeasy, by Christine Fitzgerald

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