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Real World (reading 2)

They say you can’t hack it in the real world.
They say you bask in theories hiding from the real world.
Sometimes you might get a glimpse of the real world.
And you just might deliver impacts in the real world.

But I wonder of this world I am living,
Is it a fake world or a dream I'm dreaming?
If its not real then when is the train leaving?
What if I'm fake? why are my my eyes gleaming?

They say failures escape from the real world,
Into the abyss of this fake world.
Creating bubbles and living the easy life,
I'd like to trade my daily 18 hours of strife.

… with someone living in the real world.



Makes me think that ...

'Those who can do. Those who can't teach' to avoid the 'real world'. The truth of who can and who can't in this world or that is that there is no truth only perspectives in a socially constructed universe.


Andy Denham

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