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When I walk my path, do I walk it alone?

Do you have a different path and I my own? 

Going the same way, do we share a route?

Are we bound inextricably, my foot in your boot? 

Does my path cross yours, or yours mine?

Are we destined to cross paths many times? 

As we cross, are we going opposite ways? 

Does crossing effect future path, all our days?. 

Is your path smoother, my path more harsh? 

Is your path uphill, slow, mine down hill fast? 

Does my path meander, yours straight and true? 

Do we choose our paths or do they choose you? 

For me, gently cambered or littered with scree?

Do I make my way, or does it make me? 

Are our paths circular, are we going round again? 

Will we ever know the answers and if so when? 



Makes me think that ...

A question as old as time: are we creators or followers of our destiny?


Andy Denham

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