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Organisational Psychosis

Are you a corporate psychopath, sociopath or sycophant?
Worker, board-member, non-exec or business debutant.
Narcissistic, paranoid and self-deterministic, ring any bells?
Then sorry, if it looks like sh**, it’s sh**, it probably smells.

Organisation psychopathy or self-creationist determination?
Do symptoms include, lies, detachment and predisposition?
Are you callous, non-empathetic, all seeing and all knowing?
As a bastion of business you should be physiologically grown.

You are corporately driven, but alas emotionally diffident.
Hideously unique, deep inside, you are horribly different.
You actually believe in the false declarations you peddle.
That is until and unless those pesky realists start to meddle.

What would it take for all that corporate vestige to be peeled?
Stripped back to the innate psychopathy, at long last revealed.
Do neural pathways create your psychopathy or is it visa-versa?
Were you nurtured, born or bred, exactly what’s your precursor?

Twenty two point test, you rate high and that is your reality.
Would a dose of serotonin abate your psychopathic tendency?
Before the only prognosis for you is for retrospective disgust.
Before you are Stalin, Hitler or Pol Pot, stop now, you must!



Makes me think that ...

Some organisations attract people with a particular view of the world. Some force a view of the world on to those who work in them. Some people have the strength of character to change the organisation. On other occasions people and organisations part company because they each resist the other at any number of philosophical or practical levels. All this aside organisations remain collections of a variety of humans, their perspectives and their psychoses.

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