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Moral Compass

Let’s plan our way, orientate ourselves and navigate our trip.
Not a simple journey, a whole life through which we’ll skip.
Start by setting your compass rose and your cardinal points.
The bearings that will guide you, thus the morals you anoint.
North is truth, with yourself and others, above all honesty.
East is integrity, directing how you act, all that you decree.
South is love, both giving and receiving, don’t be a hoarder.
West is understanding, often your right angle manoeuvre.
Now triangulate, find current position on your pseudo map.
Be honest with yourself and don’t create your own mantrap.
Now plot your direction of travel, your objective now sealed.
Travelling, needle responding to the world’s magnetic field.
Your journey won’t be easy, many obstacles lay in your way.
Your moral compass guiding, gaining momentum day to day.



Makes me think that ...

The free market provides many challenges to businesses and the people who work in them. The pressure can sometimes seem compelling, intolerable, unstoppable. Regulators offer rules and guidelines that seek to enshrine acceptable behaviour. The pressure of global business can only really be resisted by a strong internal moral compass. Loot offers some thoughts on how we might locate ourselves.


Andy Denham

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