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Man of a certain age

Still powerfully built, but subject to aches,
Still he has just about got whatever it takes.
Strong and fit, given up trying to beat boys,
Now TV and booze are his favourite toys.

Wearing glasses, but only readers, honest,
The glint in his eye, a reflection of promise.
They only help him to see the pain in all,
Every negative connotation, however small.

Every decision now shapes his remaining time,
No innocence of youth, no simple rhyme.
Willingly carrying others expectation in tow,
He is now reaping the seed that he did sow.

Everything used to be simple, clean and slow,
He’s looking on with a growing nostalgic glow.
The future, confusing and increasingly manic,
He is looking forward, with a slowly rising panic.



Makes me think that ...

Our work lifecycle often mirrors our lifecycle out of work. As we move through the phases and then reach a certain age at home and in work our abilities, skills, experience and emotions are focused by the realisation that what was once infinite in now finite. In the work 'Man of a certain age' Loot points to one set of the emotions that start by sneaking up on you, sometimes swamp you and often then leave you. And you wonder.


Lorraine Ansell

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This poem is narrated by Lorraine Ansell​ a British female voice over artist who is graciously supporting WorkInWords.

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