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The drive to work is turning me looney.
Which is why I’m leaving the uni.

At the end of the month I’ll be gone.
It’s sad, but for me it’s time to move on.

In some ways I’ll be really sad.
But in other ways I will also be glad.


I work with some really nice folks.
I shall miss all the banter and the jokes.

Some are good and some aren’t funny.
I’m not leaving because of the money.

Up really early, home late at night.
My body tells me that this isn’t right.


I’ll soon be out of the door.
As the new job is 8 till 4.

It’ll give me back my social life.
I can spend more time with the wife.

The right move only time will tell.
So now I shall say good bye.



Makes me think that ...

We often have mixed emotions as we leave a job. Sometimes the call of advancement. Sometimes better lifestyle. Sadly sometimes it can be colleagues or the job. Even worse it can be both. Jackdaw just wants his life back. How about you?


Lorraine Ansell

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Image: Time to Say Goodbye, By Alfred Gockel

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