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This hapless process will never, ever, work.
On that, I would bet my reputation, my shirt.

I will not be drawn on this particular subject
I need more time to analyse and to reflect.

I can’t decide until I have all the information.
To quote me on this would be defamation.

I will not do anything considered reactive.
But do not think my demeanour inactive.

To embrace that fully would be tempestuous.
Snap decisions will never get the best for us.

Being proven wrong would be the bitterest pill.
I am not budging, but I am not standing still.

Please, above this stagnation, you must transcend.
Fore thou dust procrastinate too much, my friend.



Makes me think that ...

Balancing action and reflection inside oneself and inside a team can be hard and is often the misunderstood source of conflict. For others these things are luxuries and the maxim "procrastination is the thief of time" - JFDI, is the only way to go.


Andy Denham

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