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Induction (reading 1)

Can ingrained knowledge magically transfer without real contact?
Like inducted energy can it leap a chasm, is it charged to attract?
Does being in the appointed place at the appointed time, assure?
Or does knowledge gain from induction demand so much more?

So you are bringing me into your company, that’s your charge.
You are the canal and at the moment I am a lumbering barge.
You are full of experience, full of knowledge, full of pride.
Well, tell me please, why do I feel like someone has just died.

Where as I should be enthused, be prepared, be ready to work
I am stuck in a room with a PowerPoint, an intranet and a berk!
The system’s a bit clunky and it is ‘under thorough review’.
The WiFi is out and ‘to be frank there is nothing we can do’.

The induction is now over and my initiation supposedly replete.
Time to take all I have learned and build a team that can compete.
As a final gesture, you, ”… hope it wasn’t too boring or too hard’.
Oh and, can I ‘acknowledge its success by signing the attendance card’.



Makes me think that ...

When we start with a new organisation we bring all our knowledge and experience to the new role. We also bring healthy quantities of ignorance about the organisation, what it thinks are its objectives, strategies, tactics, procedures. We are potentially even more ignorant about 'the way we do things around here', the organisation's culture. We need to get to grips with these aspects of the business and more. We learn what we need as we need it, hopefully before we need it. A good induction should help with substantive knowledge but more importantly with how you can find out the things the induction does not cover. They don't all do that.


Judy Adams

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