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In perpetuity

Cyclical reactions, never ever ending.

Transcendence once, always transcending.

If I hide, from that moment, I will always be hidden.

If I drive, from that moment, I will always be driven.

If I say it just once, then its permanently said.

A tear when I cry, is permanently shed.

If I see it happen, then it’s forever seen.

When my eyes record the fact, it has evermore been.

Though I marked this place, my tracks will wither.

If I am here now, then I will have been forever.

If I hear you say it, then it remains ever heard.

Every nuance, all context and yes, every word.

If I owed you and paid, you still lent, I still owe.

If I towed you, when broken, you still needed a tow.

If I loved you, you’re loved always, I hope you can see.

If it is, then it was and will be forever, in perpetuity.



Makes me think that ...

Loot's consideration of the relationship between present and future    offers us with food for thought about the consequencesactions, inactions, words and silence. 


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Image: Heart of Transcendence, Olga Djordjević

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