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Extrovert in company, Introvert in isolation
Not ambivalent, but decisive, in all my action.
Yes, play it by ear, happy in my inxtroversion.
Happy I’ll balance out all the other versions.

I can fit either/or, but kinda fit both, so more?
Not me, all life and soul, all predictable bore.
I observe, then react, grounded, before I soar.
Happy with attention, happy to share the floor.

I can be either/or, but neither is at my core.
Chat is insincere, but I won’t walk out the door.
Prefer real talk stuff, but trust, I don’t keep score.
I like my friends about, but always room for more.

Call me a confident introvert, whatever you want.
Call me a soft extrovert, write it in your own font.
On the fence, try ambivert, words, yours to flaunt.
Don’t care, I’m inxtrovert, won’t rise to your taunt.



Makes me think that ...

Are we always either introvert or extrovert, at home or in work. Inxtrovert rightly points us to the examine to simple duality of being this or that and to recognise that this is best seen as a continuum and where we sit on any one day ant any one time may vary.


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Image: Extrovert Enigma Painting by Ashish Das

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