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I am machine

I am efficient provider, built over years.

I am industry personified, without peers.

I am honed to perfection, inherently lean.

I am poetry in motion, I am machine. 


I am clockwork, sporadically maintained.

I am second hand, with tendency to gain.

I am silent operation, starting to whine.

I am faltering now, so far from sublime. 


I am slower, losing the power to generate.

I am quick fixes, because no-one will wait.

I am rusting, bolts loose, bearings worn.

I am unreliable, outdated, subject of scorn. 


I am troublesome, worrying, not to mended.

I am silent, spent technology, now upended.

I am broken, obsolescent, jarringly obscene.

I am dilapidated, unrepairable machine.



Makes me think that ...

From a powerful, well oiled engine to dilapidated, unrepairable machine. Is this the road we all walk along in a working life? It is certainly how many of us start to feel as time and work take their toll but is it only time and work or do other elements of modern life bring forward such perceptions.


Andy Denham

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