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I am a teacher

Each and Every Day,
I lecture, I instruct, I coach, I explain.
I demonstrate, illustrate, clarify, and prove.
I show (and sometimes tell),
I inform, I train, I initiate.
I plan, diagram, map, chart, graph and design.
I question, quiz, probe, examine and confirm.
I care, I worry, I console, I inspire.
I pay attention to, I show concern for, I nurture.
I nurse broken hearts, fix boo-boos,
ease worries, and mend friendships.
I am a teacher. This is what I do.

Andrea Gastmeier

Makes me think that ...

We all have lots of teachers in our lives: at home, at work, in friendship groups and in society but for many of us those who choose our education as their vocation are special. Of course they are not all great, but those who give it their lives and give their all inspire us to see things and do things we didn't even dream.


Andy Denham

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Image: Todd Berman

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