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Help for the task

Lord, You have set us to this task: Now work through us, is all we ask.

We cannot do the work alone; We have no wisdom of our own.

We tremble at the task's demands, With lives of others in our hands.

Let not our power corrupt our work, Nor weariness tempt us to shirk.

David K. Gilchrist

Makes me think that ...

A note on the poem by the author.

When I became minister in Uranium City in Northern Saskatchewan, people were still chuckling over a mishap of one of my predecessors. The pre-dug graves that were properly covered were safe, and easily accessible. With the cover missing, some snow would fall to the bottom; but snow can build up over the edge. In this unusual case it crept out from each side and met before falling under its own weight, so that it supported itself in the middle like the keystone of an arch!


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