Fairy Glade

Makes me think that ...

Down a sun-kissed path

Beneath a canopy of whispering leaves

In a glade crowned with bluebells

The fairy people play


With fragile wings, flowing tresses and pouty lips

Handsome statures and bronzed six-packs

They've all ridden out today to cavort and flirt

In their quest to be the next elected king and queen of the May

The pixies are a-gossiping

The gnomes are at their billboards

The elves are placing bets

Beneath the cowslip heads


As a velvety dusk begins to creep amongst the trees

A fluting song comes on the breeze

The fairy people begin to dance

Amongst the bluebells, buttercups and heartsease

The elderflower champagne flows

The furore of the dancing rose

Love blossoms and fairies couple

Each choosing a partner for the morrow


Finally the partying starts to die

As a wash of gold, turquoise and russet sweeps across the sky

Each couple collapses drunkenly beneath tree roots and thickets nearby

Worn out from the night that's just passed by

But just as the fairies are deep in slumber

A strange figure appears amidst their number

It's the flutist from the night before

Puck, as he is often known, once again caught up in love that has gone awry


For the coupling hasn't gone to plan

The bets the elves laid were on the wrong maiden and man

Now they're frantic with alarm

The money they're about to lose can only be saved with Puck's love charm


The fairy with the silvery eyes and long fair hair

Has coupled with the suitor with floppy dark hair and macho chest

Whilst across from them the brunette with her long hair in waves

Is snuggled against the hunk with curls


Moving quietly amongst the throng carrying his "love-in-idleness"

Puck places a couple of drops of his lilac juice on the brunette's delicate eyelids

Then flitting to the opposite side of the glade

He does the same to the darkly handsome fairy still entangled in his lover's golden locks


So that the first thing he sees when he opens his eyes on that bright May Day morning

Is a glimpse of paradise, brown hair tousled and yawning

Catching his gaze from across the glade

His true lover's heart melts as their eyes meet in a daze


Then cries of "aw Jack" ring through the trees

As her king gets down on bended knee

A warm breeze blows through the clearing

The ground grows lush underfoot and flowers burst into blossoming


The elves let out a cheer

All the fairy folk came running from far and near

As the new king and queen of the May are crowned

Wealth springs from the ground


Wheat ripens in the fields

The cows grow plump and increase their yields

Money pours into the elven coffers

Dancing with delight the elves scoop up handfuls of their coppers


Then the fairies set out to return to their own realm

With their king and queen together on horseback riding at the helm

Their king dressed in a crown and robe of dark green, lobed oak leaves

Their queen bedecked in wildflowers, sweet-scented honeysuckle, pale anemones, golden primroses, hanging bells of deadly nightshade


Fluttering like dark, giant birds against a background of blue sky

They take to the air

Shimmering as if in a heat haze

Vanishing as the summer comes on

The imagery of the transition to summer captures so much of that point in the year.




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