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Evolution of the non-feeling

With skin flaps as blinkers, your view is fixed.
Your tear ducts are barren, crying never piqued.
The skin on your hide has grown impenetrable
Empathy unfelt, as you are insulated with sable.
Your flush of emotion is just a light shade of grey.
Happiness, sadness, obliterated by a pure logic ray.
Pin point pupils that have forgotten any dilation.
Sucking all life in with, poisoned, fetid, exhalation.
Are you are the model for all future human life?
Void of all feelings and the understanding of strife.
Fully evolved, a perfectly, imperfect specimen.
Devoid of sensitivity, sexuality and gift of friend.
Integrity is absent, to you, just power is wealth.
No sign of pleasure, as you quietly f++k yourself.



Makes me think that ...

Efficiency, effectiveness, objectivity, profitability; just four of the many words increasingly used to explain, justify, rationalise contemporary behaviour towards colleagues, work mates and suppliers. Are these the ingredients of a mask put on or the new face of life at work.


Andy Denham

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Image: Picasso, self portrait at 90 years old (July 2, 1972)

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