Developed or Eroded

All these laughter and worry lines are facial crazy paving.
Should've kept my face straight, been complexion saving.
I’ve realised nervousness makes me compulsively yawn.
I am sure that was not the case on the day I was born.
I guard against being stabbed in the back as I get older.
My neck aches continually from looking over my shoulder.
I wear my hacking smokers cough, like a badge of honour.
I remember deep breath mornings, before I was a goner.
I used to intently listen to plans and management thesis.
Now I would rather bury my head in a large pile of faeces.
I laughed at childish humour, now I think you’re goading.
I used think “I am developing” now I know “I am eroding”.



Makes me think that ...

Life and work bring learning and development for us all. Curiously though the more I learn the more I realise how little I know. Sometimes I wonder if what I am learning really is an improvement for me and those around me. Is it a development or an erosion of who I am?


Lorraine Ansell

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This poem is narrated by Lorraine Ansell​ a British female voice over artist who is graciously supporting WorkInWords.

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