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Crossroad revisited.

How many times can I do the deal, what’s left to trade? 

Another slice of my life, for the promises you’ve made? 

To Rosedale again, big hand wrapped around my soul.

A hell hound on my back and blues, blacker than coal.


And if you’re travelling with me, you’d better be aware

I can’t control what happens now, however much I care.

Spiritually bereft, possessed, blown by sultry delta winds.

Dark martyr of my desire, exchanging glory for my sins.


Take this moonlit road, deal struck, life changed, head high.

Pain and glory, equal measure, in grief and pleasure I cry.

And yes, I know there’s debt, there’s always a price to pay.

And your terms are fatal and you’ll collect, come what may.



Makes me think that ...

Deals in business as in life can often involve giving to receive. The process, the substances and the outcome each extract and provide for each side. Imbalance in one, even in two can often be sustained by a balance in the third. With an imbalance in three the future can look black indeed.


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Image: Crossroads by Daisy House

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