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All these things cultivated from seed, developed to make me happy.

Are all things, that trip me, trick me, trap me and physically sap me. 

The more we concentrate on pursuit of happiness, the more we are lost.

When we are simply engaged, we experience happiness, without cost.


More then, the happiness of pursuit, than the pursuit of happiness. 

Less then, joy of accumulation, more joy of experiencing life’s zest. 

More the pleasure of being, than the perceived pleasure of what’s good. 

Less the prescriptive journey,  more the freedom of driftwood.


May my last advice be, “don’t invest in what you think is expected”.

Invest in you, be you, be happy, don’t question that it’s not accepted.

May my last vision be a wildly decorated, crazily spinning carousel. 

The faces and the hearts I love, happily riding life’s dips and swells.



Makes me think that ...

Work - life balance is a popular phrase, often heard on the lips of many people. As we rushed out of the twentieth century into the twenty-first, too many they just got  busier and busier, despite earlier promises, or were they threats, that technology would liberate us, or was that to enslave us in redundancy? Certainly, concerns about achieving a balance in the carousel of life persist.


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