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And so it is (reading two)

You look at me, a thousand cogs whirl in your mind.
How old is he, what does he do, his face looks kind.
I look at you, cogs clearly working away in mine.
Keep fit, look tired, you squint when sun blinds.
And so it is we measure, size, compare, contrast.
And so it is we analyse, critique and sum up, fast.
And so it is we move on, our summary complete.
And so it is a masterclass in sociology, miracle, feat.
But are we right, we know that we will never know.
All that energy expended and why, nothing to show.
The purpose it serves to underpin misconception.
To exaggerate our own misguided life expectation.
And so it is I’ve decided I won’t make up my mind.
And so it is, from now on, I will just find what I find.



Makes me think that ...

Evidence from research suggests that we form an opinion about someone within the first 30 to 60, and sometimes a lot less. Many agree that although we should not we often do judge a book by its cover. Although missing a good read is unfortunate misjudging a colleague or a potential colleague can cost you at work.


Andy Denham

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This poem is narrated by Lorraine Ansell​ a British female voice over artist who is graciously supporting WorkInWords.

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