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All fixed up with mefix again

I thought I was doing so well

it’s such a shame

For now my body’s had another breakdown

And I’ve found myself all fixed up with mefix again


It’s so easy to slip

And find yourself with an intravenous drip

I hardly seemed to do nothing

But I guess I must have done something

to find myself all fixed up with mefix again


Still at least the bonus side to going out with ME

is you need spend nothing on booze, sex and crack cocaine

To find yourself with a massive hangover in intensive care next day

All fixed up with mefix again


Some days the sky is clear, my body vital and alive

Others it showers down with insomnia, IBS and pain

And no matter how hard I try to steer my life

I soon find myself all fixed up with mefix again


Sometimes I wonder if my body’s too broken to be mended

Faced with everything it has to contend with

Yet still I struggle on along with my parents to whom I’m attended

Whilst I’m all fixed up with mefix again



Makes me think that ...

Medication is both a blessing and a curse. We need it but if we need to take it day after day, year after year we may come to resent it.


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