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Are you thoroughly embedded in your local community? Do you act as pillar of your society? Do you walk life with impunity? Do you act only with propriety? Do you live a life of sobriety? So are you completely happy with your level of notoriety?


Are you closest to you those that you love the most? Or is it those that you’re proud to host? Or those who read your media post? Or those of whose friendship you boast? Or those with the most money grossed? So what does friendship mean, is it real or is it ghost?


Are there friends vanished like water through a sieve? And are there memories you relive? And are there people purely negative? And are there relations you’ll outlive? And are there those who take not give? So actually, where does my next door neighbour really live?



Makes me think that ...

Is there such a thing as society or are we islands of individuality? Are you a member of a community, if so who else is in it?


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Image: Paul Dobraszczyk; rag-picking history. Abandoned futures: the Park Hill estate, Sheffield

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