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A little wager?

Life, to me, just an endless list of wagers, one after another?
Full of losers and winners, with so many options to cover.
Box clever, reverse forecast, back the first two, win either way.
Or challenge yourself, straight on the nose, be braver today.
If you are ready, step up, take risks of both upside and down.
Spread your bets and win high, or lose big and go to ground.
What is option to taking a chance, don't gamble, never choose?
You certainly won’t win, but you will ensure you never lose.
Or is this all too calculating for you? Too planned, too precise?
Well go old school, life on the flip of a coin, or roll of the dice.
Whatever, go on, take risks, I urge you, go on and take a punt.
If you don’t, life is neutral and you will never be in the hunt.
If you do, then you have a defence, to safeguard your investment.
Go as far you dare, press the cash out button, a gift, heaven sent.



Makes me think that ...

Business, like life, certainly isn't a sure thing. Multi-million corporate investments, closing a site, buying that new system, applying for that promotion all involve a calculation of possible cost, potential benefits and the likelihood of success. How do you approach the daily decisions you have to make? Are you inclined to have a little wager?

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