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A Lost Captain

I see the fleet, wavering lights in the distance.
So breaks the chain of meaningful existence.
Theadmirals’ thoughts so indecisive.
Releases commands that prove divisive.

We came ready for a fierce battle.
But we were set to be sacrificial cattle.
Our hulls forgotten and so rotten.
Our canon balls replaced with cotton.

My compass drops in the vastness of the sea.
Debris and corpses as far as the eye can see.
I ll keep on steering through all this mess.
But I think I am lost … I must confess.



Makes me think that ...

When the captain loses the confidence of his crew in stormy seas or calm, the ship, the captain and its crew are in danger. When leaders and managers lose the confidence of their staff the consequences ripple out across the organisation, with overt and covert behavioural changes producing insidious reactions and counter reactions. Seryianis takes up a not uncommon metaphor in A Lost Captain.



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